Somewhere in the world…

While we are all comfortably numb at our desks, somewhere in the world today…

A heroic gynaecologist, Dr Lima,  in the remote countryside of Afghanistan is saving young girls’ lives everyday by giving them contraception and abortion — sorry, Chris, my love, to offend you on this point, but this doctor never wanted to come to that. She, as a doctor and woman, merely felt forced to. Without Dr Lima, these girls would casually be killed by their parents or communities after exposing their unwanted pregnancies, usually as result of a rape. To a journalist she testifies, “The girl was 17 years old and pregnant. After her parents found out they secretly gave her some medicine to weaken her – medicine that made it easier for them to suffocate her with a pillow and kill her. After that incident, I decided to help people like her.”

Despite the many death threats, intimidations, attempts to kill her, and after murdering her 22 year-old brother and injuring her 11 year-old son, she heroically continues her life-saving activities while risking her own life. Certainly a role-model for women of the world, she should be a role model for everyone to wake up and actively fight for what is right.

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Welcome to my hole in the wall

Today’s October 1st, and I am writing to your from my living room in Paris. Through my window I see the North American-style skyscraper garden of La Defense, where busy suited up men and women are in their office cubicle gossiping, checking and writing emails, or discussing the next strategy to disguise the company’s financial collapse. While everyone worries about looking the part to save a wobbly job, no one really sees what is happening outside, through the window.

It’s the first day of October. The sky is blue and the temperature outside is 28 degrees celsius. Not an unusual temperature for August; for October, it turns it into another summer month. Outside, my lawn is slowly turning to hay, and my dog seems to quench his thirst at least 6 times a day, just like the dog from the neighbor downstairs. And in the meantime, day and night, planes fly in that sun-drenched sky, leaving the longest streaks of undissipating white fumes that form the strangest straight-lined clouds, which everyone fails to notice.

What is happening above our heads? Are we being sprayed upon like human crops; or are we saving ourselves from a coming natural disaster, as officials love to claim? Maybe we’ll find out the hard way, when it’s too late. Act up now!